Silk Top Hat Gallery

Contemporary art gallery providing a showcase for original British paintings, prints, sculpture and crafts in Ludlow town centre. Open Tuesday – Saturday 11.00 am – 4.00 pm.

Current exhibition of mixed work

Our selection of work from a wide variety of artists and makers is on show (including the pastel and acrylic ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ by Mary Griffin featured above) both here in the Silk Top Hat and also in our craft gallery, Isaac Smart’s, across the road. On the middle floor we are pleased to host a special display of new mixed media work from Lin Brown, accompanied by oils by Charles MacCarthy and gouache interiors from Matthew Wood.

We have been exhibiting Lin Brown’s work since we opened.  Those of you who have followed her work over the years will know that you can rely on its ever-changing nature.  She says herself that when she settles in her studio it is with curiosity that she watches the media and materials and images appear.  She has always been a creative artist, following her heart: her experiences and understanding are reflected in her work.  ‘This is not’, she comments, ‘movement for movement’s sake, but rather daring to follow the moment’.  Within this, her work has a characteristic and instantly recognisable quality, a common thread of richly beautiful colour, of mystery and other-worldliness, an intensity of atmosphere and a quiet depth which keeps people coming back for more.

When we first showed Charles MacCarthy‘s quiet oil paintings of domestic interiors, he offered this introduction – ‘although the subject of a painting is important, the way in which it is represented is also very revealing.  I like painting the same subjects repeatedly – whether interiors, objects or landscape.  Sometimes working in series.  Variations on a theme. A group of closely related paintings of the same subject can explore things which a single interpretation cannot.  I prefer to work from familiar objects and places, partly because they are always there and so there is no pressure to complete a painting in a hurry, but also because in a sense they already form part of one’s inner world.

For the last fifteen years Matthew Wood has focussed his art practice on producing works on location and in one sitting be they landscape or interior.  Working from primary observation encourages a method and technique that is both expressive and direct.  The challenge of creating a successful painting in sometimes adverse conditions – from rain and snow storm to darkened, late-night or haunted corridor – adds to the experience of the process of painting.  All works are produced on board, with the landscapes in oil and interiors in gouache, the dark contrasting tones of the interiors counter-balancing the softer harmonious perspectives used in the landscapes.



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